Vietnamese-Indian wedding at Kent Event Center: Steff & Amit

Amit and Steffanie are the nicest people you’ll meet..  I had so much fun hanging out with them and their friends for there days.  What a beautiful wedding they had with both Christian and Hindu ceremonies followed by one of the craziest dance parties I’ve seen at a wedding..
A few words from Steffanie and Amit: ” We started dating back in 2011, we had met before during a party. He had made the move though in asking me on a date, it was cute the way he had asked me like  making an excuse for just us two to hangout. Very smooth move he had made, in which I’m glad he had asked me out. Since then we have had shared so many new, fun, and, amazing adventures together. traveling to places. Sharing each others worlds with each other, having different cultures come together and having two worlds to experience.
During the week of our wedding and the day of, we both had definitely felt the love of our families as they had all met for the first time. We could see that they were all getting along and they had accepted both of the cultures and was enjoying the fun festivities. It felt so good and made us so happy to see our families together it was so beautiful. ”
Thank you  Amit and Steffanie for allowing me to be a part of your special day.  I hope you enjoy some of my favorites…
Vietnamese-Indian wedding at Kent Event Center: Steffanie & Amit

Venue: Kent Event Center  Video: Best Made Videos  Décor: Hadiya Décor    MUA/Hair: Makeup by Cece   DJ: Elation Events   Cake: Cakes by Crème de la Crème