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Your wedding day is the happiest, most special day of your life. It is when everything changes for you, your partner and all your loved ones. You want your memories captured in such a way that they will remain as fresh and vivid fifty years from now as they were just yesterday. A professional wedding photographer has the gift of imparting a feeling of fullness and life into every portrait so that in looking at your memories you actually relive the experience every time.


The temptation to save the expense and have a non-professional do your wedding photography may be overwhelming in light of all the other expenses a wedding incurs. But consider that the professional photographer is an experienced eye whose skill captures the elegance that your special day deserves. This intimate knowledge of the event is what allows the photographer to convey the richness of your special day in a way that the amateur, no matter how well-meaning, can’t. In other words, by being at the right place at the right time, your professional is there to document your celebration in the fullest way possible. This is what the professional experience is all about; instinct built on years of experience is what you are paying for when you hire a professional photographer.


Seattle is a large city and has an enormous selection of professional photographer’s available for weddings and portraits. However, one photographer stands out as a passionate master of his craft. Victor Zerga is a go-to photographer for many discerning couples who want the highest quality in wedding and portrait photography. Having photographed weddings in several different countries and all across the United States over the past 9 years and with over 300 weddings photographed, Victor has the dedication and depth of experience that people need, and, as an award-winning photographer, Victor is in demand more than ever.



Victor has several specializations, each one met with the same professionalism, search for perfection and aesthetic consideration as the others.
Cultural and traditional weddings are a true specialty of Victor’s. You will find that he takes significant time and effort is research and communication to determine what is most important to you. If you have a particular flavor or focus you would like to include, you will find Victor sensitive and responsive to your needs. And this is but one reason that Victor receives innumerable references from people who have truly enjoyed his work. Look to the cultural link at Victor’s site for a sample of some of the stunning work he has produced over the years.


Destination wedding shoots are another specialty of Victor’s. Having photographed weddings and events in over 5 countries during the years, Victor masterly researches each session for the most appealing backdrops. His love of natural beauty and ability to bring out the emotions of the moment make his destination photography a magical experience.



Victor’s aesthetic and spontaneous style is unique in the industry. With each client he creates an exciting and new pallet, each bringing to life the most meaningful qualities of the event. His mastery of creating atmosphere that is unique to every photoshoot is the rare skill he brings to his craft; the motion of the water in the background, a couple laying in a field of flowers – each shoot is its own world, beautifully captured and carefully framed. Think of that lovely smile that will always be remembered in happiness every time you revisit your photographs.



Wedding photos, the best of them, contain a palpable feel of exclusivity. It not simply the couple being married, it carries through the whole motif of the day. A dynamic and dedicated perfectionist, Victor understands how to impart this, as his photographs show. All his compositions are truly exclusive treasures, which is why his clients enthusiastically recommend him to friends and family.



With over 9 years in business, Victor employs his rich and varied experience bringing to life the depth and meaning of the day’s powerful emotional tapestry. Love of the moment and love for his subjects are visible in all his works be it a wedding or a portrait. Victor possesses the experience you can count on and the experience you can trust.




Based in Seattle,

found wandering all sorts of places.